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Presentation Example

Presentation Example Presentation â€" Assignment Example > SPEAKER NOTESSLIDE 1:Line 1: Fire safety strategy in transportation: Passenger FerrySLIDE 2:Line 1: In previous years, the problem in transport vehicle fire safety is not being give much attention by authorities as they are more focus on land structures such as homes and buildings. Line 2: However, after some major incidents at sea, authorities are not giving equal priority to transport vehicle’s fire safety. Line 3: Based on some reports, the problems in transport vehicles particularly passenger ships are in equipment design, materials used in construction of the ship, and complete reliance to automation. Line 4: In marine transport vehicles, fire safety is more focus on passenger ferries and ships that contains large number of travelers. Line 5: This is because the safety of passengers and the chances of survival when a fire occur at sea is minimal. SLIDE 3:Line 1: It is more dangerous in ferry because there is no place of safety at when a fire occurs. Line 2: This is because t here is no escape but the sea and people are likely to drown and freeze to death. Line 3: Evidence shows that there are already thousands of people died in ferry fire accidents at sea. Line 4: Today, although there a better emergency plan and equipment, travelers are still in danger of fire for a number of reasons such as neglect and human errors. Line 5: Fire is always a problem because until now many people from all ages die in their homes, public places, commercial establishments, cars, truck, airplanes, and ships because of fire. Line 6: It must be minimized or completely stopped as it brings not only death but considerable losses to the shipping industry. SLIDE 4:Line 1: There a number of fire safety strategies that were designed to prevent and control the spread of fire in ships. Line 2: Laws and regulations are currently regulating materials being used in ship building. Line 3: A number of organizations had and are conducting fire and safety in the marine environment. Line 4: And a number of studies are being done to find the causes of fire and accidents in ships. Line 5: Laws are now requiring ship builders to incorporate fire safety in their design. Line 6: Similarly, a number of organizations are promoting code of safe working practices and safety culture in the marine industry such as regular fire drills and installation of fire safety equipments and devices. SLIDE 5:Line 1: However, it is not clear if these measures effective and really appropriate for passenger ships. Line 2: For this reason, identification and evaluation of fire safety strategies in ferries is important as to determine the extent of protection passengers would have while travelling in this type of marine transport. Line 3: Moreover, there must be an effective strategy that can prevent and control the occurrence and spread of fire to ensure that passengers are safe. .SLIDE 6:Line 1: In line with the information presented earlier, this study aim to understand the nature of risk in marine transport vehicle and build a fire safety strategy that could prevent or minimize the impact of fire.

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Love And Sex With Robots By David Levy - 868 Words

Throughout â€Å"Love and Sex with Robots,† author David Levy explores the topic of human intimacy, and how it has developed throughout history. While his book begins with discussing human-to-human relationships and intimacy, he explores modern technological intervention like dating websites and electronic sex toys. However, like the title suggests, Levy uses the the majority of his book to convince the reader that the use of sex robots are an inevitable evolution of robotic intimacy, and will be especially useful for minority sectors of the population like misfits and the sexually inadequate (291). Since these robots are already being developed in the sex doll industry, Levy focusses his claims on the social and cultural impact. To prove why the increase of technological intervention with intimacy â€Å"will inevitably lead to even more [†¦] acceptability of new sexual practices,† Levy uses the gradual social acceptance of intimate actions with examples like h omosexuality, masturbation, oral sex, and fornication (287). Thus, Levy finds that â€Å"robots will become widely acceptable within our society as our sex partners,† with potential industries like sex robots for hire (288). Upon social acceptance, Levy theorizes that a humanlike sex robot has the potential to be embraced by both sexes due to men having higher sex drives, as well as women’s popularity in the sex toy industry (296). While Levy is convinced robot sex is an inevitability, he lists consequences to theirShow MoreRelatedGopnik Turkle essay Robotic and emotions1230 Words   |  5 Pagesgiven Paro, a robot in the form of a baby seal. Paro is used to stabilize Miriam’s emotional instability after her relationship with her son was broken up. Turkle states â€Å"On this day she is particularly depresses and believes that the robot is depressed as well†¦ Miriam’s tender touch triggers a warm response in Paro†¦Encouraged, Miriam shows yet more affection for the little robot. In attempting to provide the comfort she believes it needs, she comforts herself†. This sociable robot not only bringsRead MoreBusiness Journalism in India26104 Words   |  105 Pagessenior citizen might even earn 10% by picking the right bank FD.   In this backdrop, it is tempting to withdraw an FD and deposit the money with a bank offering a higher interest rate. Here is why you should not rush.   Banks usually levy a penalty in the form of a 0.5-1% lower interest on customers looking to ditch their account for a rival’s.   When the interest rate goes up in quick succession, people will start breaking existing deposits. Bank will feel the pressure, saysRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagespaper containing 10% postconsumer waste. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 QDB/QDB 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ISBN 978-0-07-811257-7 MHID 0-07-811257-5 Vice President Editor-in-Chief: Brent Gordon Vice President, EDP/Central Publishing Services: Kimberly Meriwether-David Editorial Director: Paul Ducham Managing Developmental Editor: Laura Hurst Spell Developmental Editor: Jane Beck Associate Marketing Manager: Jaime Halteman Project Manager: Erin Melloy Buyer: Kara Kudronowicz Design Coordinator: Margarite ReynoldsRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 PagesAnother job in which Indian women are doing so well is that of teachers. In country like India where millions are groping in the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance efficient teaching to the children is most urgently needed. By virtue of their love and affection for the children the women have proved the best teachers in the primary and kindergarten schools. They can better understand the psychology of a child than the male teachers. Small children in the kindergarten schools get motherly affection

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Creative Nonfiction Essay Topics: the Ultimate Convenience!

Creative Nonfiction Essay Topics: the Ultimate Convenience! The memoir might be more emotional and concerned with capturing particular scenes, or a set of events, in place of documenting every simple fact of somebody's life (Zuwiyya, N. 2000). The facts of the story has to be injected with life and colour, and this will always be a lot easier to do if you're starting from an area of passion. Almost all of us have a story we would like to share with other individuals. And I would like you to compose your family story. While it's true that any truth, event, situation or person can be become an excellent bit of writing, with creative non-fiction it is particularly essential that the subject matter is something which inspires and interests you. There's the easy matter of time. It isn't something I think about all of the time while I'm writing, or I can give lots of time to thinking about. Write a story from the viewpoint of whoever brought it home. The deeply personal passages within this book would force you to believe you know her, yet this journey is simply 1 part of her life. A memoir about a typical person's very first year of college isn't especially intriguing. A biography is the true account of somebody's life. Read your favourite poem and take a couple of minutes to contemplate it. The Appeal of Creative Nonfiction Essay Topics If everything else fails, try out a writing-sprint. Be as outrageous as possible. You ought to be patient, I believe, once you're listening to music, he states. Word lists can on occasion be a terrific spur to creativity. Creative non-fiction is often personal in tone, and due to that it can be hard to start. Get more effective tricks and ideas to benefit from your improved skills and expert help from a professional writer. It's really not that hard to come across a well of great suggestions. A brief memoir may be an account of one, life-changing event, or it might be reflection on a period of growth or transition. Think about an article idea that you would find it possible to write for that marketplace. Take out two parts of paper. As you do, make notes on whatever looks like a fantastic idea. My own theory is that the majority of personal essayists, due to a pure ability to extrapolate, do not struggle to discover subjects to write about. Each suggestion was intended to highlight a particular field of inspiration. But I couldn't appear to pass the rope test. It turned out to be a refreshing surprise to discover nestled between heavier topics within her essay collection Bad Feminist. Narrative essays serve broad array of purposes. Picking the topic for your essay could possibly be the hardest part. Nonfiction authors are somewhat more likely to use an easy, somewhat familiar description instead of searching for a more evocative, unique means of saying something similar. Fiction writers insist they too compose the truth, and that they need to invent to be able to tell this reality. Authors appear to be receiving the emotional facets of a nonfiction topic across successfully. There are other means to improve essays. There are several effective methods to boost your writing. Any answers you're unwilling to share ought to go on the second article of paper. Creative writing essays are all about a distinctive genre that differs from other academic papers and demands a distinctive set of important skills to be successful. It's the most fascinating essay about boredom you will ever read, or within this case watchhe filmed a quick video edition of the essay for his YouTube channel. No writer can write an ideal draft simultaneously. Talk about every vital point in a distinct paragraph that you should begin with an exceptional opening sentence that presents it. Polish your bit of writing to help it become perfect.

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Fluency vs Accuracy Free Essays

We all know that English is an international language which people from all over the world learn in order to communicate with each other. There are two types of language learner: the first type is being accurate in speaking English. This means that if a person start to say something, and then realize that he/she made a mistake, that person will stop and correct that mistake. We will write a custom essay sample on Fluency vs Accuracy or any similar topic only for you Order Now They might pause and contemplate what the right word or phrase should be use. The other type is Fluency, this type increases the progress of the learners. English is our universal language. Indeed, it is very important for us to have knowledge in speaking English because it will help you to develop your speaking skills and in the near future, whenever, you will find for a job it is one of the most important qualifications that you can speak well or fluently. Some people who are not that good enough in speaking English are called English carabao in informal term. But then, in our daily lives we must pursue ourselves to learn something new like speaking in English fluently. It doesn’t matter whether your grammar are correct or wrong what is important is the thought you have in your message even if it is formal or informal conversation. Based on my experienced, if you can’t speak English at all, I think you’re a loser. Last December 2010 we celebrated our holiday vacation in Hong Kong. As we went there almost of the people there only know how to speak Cantonese not English. For us Filipino it is a great insult if you don’t know how to express yourself in English especially if you want to ask something to the Chinese people who lived there or foreigners. Traveling to other country is not easy of course the first thing you need to learn is English language. For some people who are afraid to express their selves in English it is not hindrance for them to learn something new. At first it is really hard but if you just concentrate and believe in yourself that you can do better, you can speak better that’s the spirit. Patience is a virtue, if we keep on trying again and again it would lead us to a successful life. Everything is possible in God’s you will see how great you are as a person. How to cite Fluency vs Accuracy, Essay examples

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Southwest Airlines Company Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions that describes the common interests, beliefs and attitude of an organization that guides it through defining appropriate behavior and values. Defining of organizational culture involves three levels, which include behavior pattern, shared values, and the basic beliefs and assumptions of members. The idea behind organizational culture always revolves around the realization by the employees about the collective responsibility toward the larger good of the company.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Southwest Airlines Company Organizational Culture specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consequently, it is an expectation from the employees that behavior is in a common way hence each employee knows the work output required from him or her. The advantage of organizational culture is that it helps in establishing the required guidelines, output capacity of the organization a nd organization rules that will help catapult the company toward achieving its goals (Jex Britt, 2008). Organizational culture on organizational development and change at Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines is an organization that deals with provision of air travel services. The organizational culture of Southwest Airlines focuses on the development, improving, refining the originality, identity, and personality of a people. Southwest Airlines has an organizational culture that devotes its services to the community that use their services through offering friendlier and affordable air services. The organizational culture that Southwest Airline nurtures considers voluntary offers that range from monetary to in-kind donations (Southwest Airlines, 2011). Effects organizational culture at Southwest Airlines Organizational culture develops within a sustained period because it helps an organization in adapting to the competitive environment. Because of this, organizations need to chang e on their cultures to survive for the longest time possible. Organizational culture affects organizational development because culture change mostly affects the top management team of an organization. The effects of organizational culture differ, depending on the cultures that the organization nurtures, which can either, be strong or weak cultures (Jex Britt, 2008). First, possessing a strong organizational culture in place attracts talents to the organization. A strong culture attracts high-level talents because they believe that the organizations will offer them opportunities for advancement of their careers and be able to show off their talents. Another effect of a strong organizational culture is that it withholds the top-level talents to the organization. Having a top-notch culture retains the existing talents whereas still attracting new ones.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Lear n More Third, a strong organizational culture helps in motivating the employees because they will believe to be valued and be able to express themselves with ease. Southwest Airlines practices the spirit of having a servant’s heart. This they achieve through treating one another with respect and the employees putting others first, before themselves (Southwest Airlines, 2011). The other effect is that organizational culture should be able to change how employees perceive their work. If the workers love what they do, their job output will increase. Southwest Airlines have this positive attitude of having fun in what they do, celebrating success, and working as a passionate team player. Last, strong organizational culture assists the organization in nurturing employees into efficient workers willing to be successful in what they do. Southwest Airlines has a culture of a spirit of a warrior whereby they value hard work, desire for being the best, perseverance, and being innovat ive (Southwest Airlines, 2011). Effects of change on the organization Change in an organization has varied effects. Some of the effects include loss of self-confidence. Change in an organization makes employees think that they are powerless and incompetent in their work. Another effect that change can bring to the organization is confusion. When change takes place in an organization, there is alteration in the regular routine of doing work in an organization. Last, change brings about conflict through creating a situation in which there is complete difference in meaning and purpose. Explanation to this is through the lack of will by the employees to let go the old ways of carrying out tasks (Jex Britt, 2008). Conclusion Conclusion is arguably right that an organization that nurtures strong and positive organizational cultures has a good market niche in the business that they do. Organizations should have values that represent what they want to be associated with because it will att ract new employees and retain the already existing crop of talents at their disposal. It is a good practice for organizations to nurture good cultures because it is the building block to strong competitive nature in the future (Jex Britt, 2008). References Jex, S. M., Britt, T. W. (2008). Organizational Psychology: A scientist-Practitioner Approach. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, Inc.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Southwest Airlines Company Organizational Culture specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Southwest Airlines, (2011). About us: Our Culture. Retrieved from This essay on Southwest Airlines Company Organizational Culture was written and submitted by user Malice to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Harness the Power of Your Critique Group

Harness the Power of Your Critique Group Ten years ago I went looking for writing advice in my community and joined a loose affiliation of novice writers. Over the years, weve grown into a dedicated group of eight authors with cumulative publishing credits that include ten books, 24 short stories and numerous awards. Along the way, weve helped each other learn the craft of writing, work toward publication and market our work. Thinking of starting your own critique group? Want to make your group run more effectively or work harder for everyone involved? Here are some tips: Numbers I recommend a closed group - one in which new members are only invited because someone leaves. Six to eight people is an ideal size. Leadership It helps to have one person in charge of organizing and chairing the meetings, at least until the group is well established. Timing There are various ways of running meetings. My group meets once a month, with three stories sent in advance Focus You know those book clubs that are more about the food and the wine than the books? Dont make your critique group a dinner club. Try 15 minutes of chat at the beginning of the session and then get down to business, or all business for two hours followed Commitment Our group really took off when we began setting a rotation for submissions a few months in advance. Everyone is expected to submit something when it is his/her turn, with a fixed upper word count (ours is 4000 words). If someone cant make a meeting, they email their critiques to the other writers. Other groups dont have these expectations, but we needed the added pressure to keep writing. If meeting in person doesnt work for you, check  , a source for online critique groups.   Do your critique group members attend seminars and workshops or read articles online and in print? Probably. Everyone in the group can take advantage of that learning - both through explicit sharing of the knowledge acquired and Widen your contacts and leads through your group. Share: = Useful lists, websites and newsletters (I made sure to tell my whole group to sign up for FundsforWriters.) = Contests = Publishers (If I read a book similar to the writing of one of my group members, Ill mention it to them.) = Upcoming workshops Once you are published you can help each other increase sales: = Commit to promoting your work via email and social media. = Review each others work on Goodreads and Amazon. = Traveling? Visit local bookstores and talk up your book as well as those of your critique group members. = Consider holding group launches to reduce costs and increase attendance. If you write in different genres this is a great opportunity to widen your nets. = Contact local media about your group, or better yet, query them. Get paid to write an article about the success of writers in your area. = Apply to speak at a writers conference as a group. Critiquing other writers work takes time and commitment, but a well-run group can result in a return on investment that brings your writing career to the next level.

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Planned Parenthood - Profile

Planned Parenthood - Profile About Planned Parenthood: The term planned parenthood originally applied to practices to control the number of children born to a family. Nurse Margaret Sanger promoted information about birth control methods as a way of dealing with the poverty of families where parents could not provide financially for their growing families and were ignorant of sexual and medical knowledge that could limit the number of their children. About Planned Parenthood Organizations: Today, Planned Parenthood refers to the organizations at local, state, federal and international levels. Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is the umbrella group at the national level in the United States, with umbrella affiliates, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) which is based in London unites groups around the world. The focus of Planned Parenthood Federation today is providing reproductive health care, sex education, counseling and information; abortion services, while the most controversial of their programs, is only a small part of the services provided in more than 800 health centers throughout the United States. Origin of Planned Parenthood Federation of America: In 1916, Margaret Sanger founded the first birth control clinic in the United States. In 1921, realizing that the needs for information and services were greater than her clinic could provide, she founded the American Birth Control League, and in 1923, the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau. Realizing that birth control was a means and not the goal family planning was the goal the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau was renamed Planned Parenthood Federation. Key Issues in Planned Parenthood History: Planned Parenthood has evolved to face different issues in womens reproductive services as the political and legal environment has changed. Margaret Sanger was jailed in her time for violation of the Comstock Law. Before the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on abortion, clinics were limited to providing contraceptives and information and even those services were limited depending on the states. The Hyde Amendment made it difficult for poor women to obtain abortion by excluding such services from federal health services, and Planned Parenthood looked for alternatives to help poor women the initial target audience of Sangers birth control work to get needed health services and to manage their family size. Reagan and Bush Years: During the Reagan years, increasing attacks on womens reproductive choices affected Planned Parenthood. The Gag Rule, preventing family planning professionals from giving medical information about abortion, made it more difficult to provide services to women internationally. The attacks both through violence by individuals, promoted by anti-abortion organizations, and through legislative limits on abortion and other reproductive services challenged clinics and the legislative and lobbying associated organizations. The Bush years (both presidents Bush) included pushes for abstinence-only sex education (despite evidence that such sex education does not significantly cut the rate of teenage or premarital pregnancy) and more limits on reproductive choice including abortion. President Clinton lifted the Gag Rule but President George W. Bush reinstated it. 2004 March on Washington: In 2004, Planned Parenthood played a key role in organizing a pro-choice march on Washington, the March for Womens Lives, held on April 25 of that year. More than one million gathered on the National Mall for that demonstration, with women being a large majority of those demonstrating. Associated Organizations: Planned Parenthood Federation is associated with: Alan Guttmacher Institute, focusing on research and developmentPlanned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF), a separate organization focusing on legal action and lobbyingInternational Planned Parenthood Federation Planned Parenthood Direction: Planned Parenthood clinics continue to be challenged with threats and actual incidents of terror as well as by attempts to intimidate or physically block women from entering those clinics for any services. Planned Parenthood also works for comprehensive sex education, to help prevent pregnancy through information, opposing abstinence-only programs which do not effectively prevent pregnancy. Planned Parenthood advocates for availability of legal contraceptive drugs or devices, access to abortion services, and ending censorship requirements on medical professionals preventing them from giving medical information to their patients. Those who oppose the availability of abortion or contraceptive services continue to identify Planned Parenthood for defunding efforts, attempts to close clinics through zoning and through protests, and other means. Those who advocate violence as a means of opposing reproductive choice also continue to target Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood and Related Elsewhere on the Web Planned Parenthood HistoryPlanned Parenthood Action CenterJohn Salvi, Abortion Clinic Violence, and Catholic Right ConspiracismPlanned Parenthood Plays the Violence CardNARAL Pro-Choice AmericaReligious Coalition for Reproductive Choice